Local trainings in Lithuania

During the year 2006 there were two local trainings conducted in Lithuania.

Training in Big Brother Big Sister Program

Leaflet on the BBBS program
Leaflet on the BBBS program
In June 2005 in Vilnius there took place a training in the Big Brother Big Sister Program. The main objective of the training was to provide knowledge, skills and resources needed to start and to sustain program in Childhood without Abuse Programme countries. Participants got basic understanding about essence and procedures of the program and received leaflets on possibilities and ground rules of BBBS.

Trainings organized in Macedonia in 2006

During 2006 there were two trainings conducted in Macedonia. The main topics of both of the trainings were:
• Diagnostic procedures of CAN: Family Assessment and Assessment of the Child
• Principles and goals of treatment
• Working with the child on the issue of trauma and abuse
• Working with parents and caregivers


Trainings conducted in Moldova in 2006

There were three trainings conducted in Moldova in 2006:

15 practitioner psychologists who work in governmental or non-governmental community centres took part in the training "Diagnosis and Psychological Rehabilitation of the Abused Child" (10 persons - from Chisinau and 5 persons from the regions: Balti, Orhei, Causeni, Stefan-Voda and Singerei towns).