Training for interdisciplinary teams of judges, prosecutors and psychologists in Poland

The second edition of the training "Child - witness with special needs. Practice of friendly interviewing of child witnesses” took place in September. Two-day training was addressed to interdisciplinary teams of judges, prosecutors and psychologists participating in interviewing minors and cooperating under a particular local court. The aim of the training was to enhance participants knowledge regarding child victims of crime and methods of interviewing minor witnesses, assisting child and the family in the course of intervention, as well as establishing a connection with a child who suffered from traumatic experience.

New project for foster care homes/orphanages in Lithuania

In September 2010 Children Support Centre started a new project for foster care homes/orphanages- „Safe children – safe home“. The purpose of the project is to empower foster care homes to implement prevention of abuse and intervene in child abuse cases. The project consists of several steps: 1) Preparation of the methodology of training for foster care home specialists and children from institutions 2) Trainings for specialists, who will become children safety trainers (3 groups, 48 specialists); 3) Trainings for all staff in every foster care home; 4 ) Safety trainings for children in every institution.

Multi-disciplinary training on intervention in cases of child abuse in Lithuania

On 29-30th of September 2010, Children Support Centre implemented multi-disciplinary trainingIntervention and provision of help in cases of child abuse“ for the teams of specialists from 6 districts of Lithuania. Teams consisted of children rights protection specialists, social workers, police officers, prosecutors. Team counselling started  in September. 

Training on the topic of child friendly interviewing in Latvia

On 20th- 24th of September 2010 Dardedze  held a training for police officers from Latvia on the topic  "Child friendly interviewing". The training was held by an expert from the United Kingdom- Nigel King, who also met with the headquarters of State police to share the UK best practices in the child friendly interviewing and to promote changes in the attitudes and approaches of Latvian police.