Children in Institutions

Trainings on child abuse in institutions in Latvia

In November 2009 Center against Abuse "Dardedze" invited professionals for two trainings titled "Child abuse in institutions - recognizing, helping, stopping". 40 participants, mainly social workers, care workers and psychologists from child care institutions, were introduced to the basics of the phenomenon. A lot of time was dedicated to identifying possible cases of abuse in institutions represented by the participants and problem solving. Resilience approach as an effective approach in working with children in institutions was also introduced.

Trainings on prevention of child abuse in Bulgaria

In September 2009 two local trainings for social workers, educators, psychologists and pedagogues were carried out by Social Activities and Practices Institute. During the first event the participants were given general information about the problem of child abuse and services of support for victims of violence.

International supervision in Moldova

In November 2009 National Center for Child Abuse Prevention organised international supervisions for psychologists from temporary placement centres and residential institutions in Moldova. Invited expert, Ausra Kuriene from Lithuania, spoke about psychological intervention and psychotherapy in case of child abuse.

Innocenti Social Monitor 2009: Child well-being in Central and Eastern Europe

The study examines the evolving and diverging challenges for the well-being of children after two decades of transition in Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States. The report is based on information from administrative and survey sources to identify critical economic and social trends and assess the impact of policies on children in the period immediately preceding the current crisis. It analyses the changes in the economic and demographic context in which children are growing up as well as at trends of public social expenditure that influence public policies that affect children.