Trainings on prevention of child abuse in Bulgaria

In September 2009 two local trainings for social workers, educators, psychologists and pedagogues were carried out by Social Activities and Practices Institute. During the first event the participants were given general information about the problem of child abuse and services of support for victims of violence.

The themes covered during the training included:

  • Types of abuse. Risk factors and effects of child maltreatment;
  • Child sexual abuse and child friendly hearing;
  • Services for victims support and multidisciplinary approach;
  • Mechanism for coordination of prevention against violence.

Second training was devoted to some particular aspects of institutional abuse. The issues analyzed during the training included risk factors and consequences of institutional abuse, types of violence in institutions, as well as preventive measures and rules for keeping the institution safe for children.
Participants recommended continuing the trainings, but also providing other types of support for professionals working in specialized institutions.

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