Children in Institutions

Bulgaria: legal changes aiming to encourage adoption

New law introduced in Bulgaria allows children who have spent more than six months without their parents taking them back, can be put up for adoption without the parents' approval. The law was passed with an aim to reduce the number of children growing up in institutions. Another obstacle for increasing adoption, apart form biological parents unwillingness to give up their parental rights, are prejudice against Roma minority. Some prospective parents suspect them of abandoning children at a young age only to claim them back when they are old enough to earn money.

Better Care Network Toolkit

This online resource has been created to aid child care practitioners and policy makers in planning and providing better care for children - including preventing unnecessary family separation and supporting families and communities to develop better care alternatives when separation is inevitable. The documents included in the toolkit present good practices and have been chosen for their global relevance and practical application.

Residential system reform under threat in Ukraine

After Implementing Order of the Prime Minister of Ukraine aiming for revival and development of residential institutions for children was issued on 23rd June 2010, EveryChild Ukraine called for local and international nongovernmental organizations to appeal against the planned changes that would undermine the achievements made so far in reforming institutional care in Ukraine.

4th IJJO International Conference

International Juvenile Justice Observatory is organizing international conference titled "Building integrative juvenile justice systems: Approaches and methodologies regarding mental disorders and drugs misuse". The conference will take place in Rome, Italy on 9th and 10th November 2010.
The conference is connected with analysis and comparison project run by IJJO in cooperation with a number of European organizations and institutions that share its interest and concern regarding the situation of young offenders in Europe.