Children in Institutions

Sexual abuse in residential institutions

Sexual abuse suffered by children in residential institutions is still largely unrecognised problem in East European countries. With an aim to plan research and prevention initiatives organisations participating in the Childhood without Abuse Project prepared situational analyses concerning this issue. The reviews focus mainly on statistical data and research observations available, legal regulations and good practices identified in each country.

OECD: Doing Better for Children

As improving situation of children one of the priorities of OECD, the organization has issued a publication analyzing different aspects of child-well being in the world today. Issues referred to include extent and timing of governmental expenditure on that purpose, social and family policies that have impact on children, influence of persistent inequality and marginalization on children.

Safe Children Project in Bulgaria

The project has been carried out by Centre for Inclusive Education since 2007 and will last till the end of 2009.


The aim of the project is to better protect vulnerable children through recognising and implementing the international "Keeping Children Safe" standards for child protection by non-governmental and governmental structures in Bulgaria who work directly with children.

Thomas Hammarberg: Children should not be treated as criminals

In his article published by eGov monitor Thomas Hammarberg, European Commissioner for Human Rights addresses the disturbing European trend to lock up more children for offences at an earlier age. He argues that young offenders are children first and foremost and should be protected by human rights standards for children.