Child as a Witness

EC: public consultations on children’s rights

All citizens and organizations, especially those dealing with children's rights, are welcome to contribute to the consultation of European Commission's Communication on the Rights of the Child (2011-2014). The objective of the Communication is to further advance the EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child, first launched in 2006.

Interdisciplinary trainings on child friendly interviewing in Poland

In June 2010 the Nobody's Children Foundation conducted training titled "Child - witness with special needs. Practice of friendly interviewing of child witnesses." Two-day training was addressed to interdisciplinary teams of judges, prosecutors and psychologists participating in interviewing minors and cooperating under a particular local court. The aim of the training was to enhance participants knowledge regarding child victims of crime and methods of interviewing minor witnesses, with particular reference to interviewing under art. 185 a and b of Code of Criminal Procedure (185a refers to minors below 15 - victims of sexual violence or family violence and 185 b refers to minors below 15 who witnessed sexual violence or other crime with a use of violence), assisting child and the family in the course of intervention, as well as establishing a connection with a child who suffered from traumatic experience.

You are a witness, you have rights

The leaflet "You are a witness, you have rights" have been recently issued by the Nobody's Children Foundation in the frame of third stage of Polish raising awareness campaign "Child - Witness with Special Needs". It is directed toward children and youth and explains basic rights of children participating in the criminal investigation according to article 185a and b of the Code of Penal Procedure. With the decision of the Ministry of Justice the leaflet will be distributed to all children called to witness, together with the information on the date and place of the interview.
Printing of the leaflet was possible thanks to European Commission funded programme „Prevention of and Fight against Crime".

Victims in Europe report

The report "Victims in Europe: implementation of the Framework Decision on the Standing of Victims in the Criminal Proceedings in the Member States of the European Union" includes information about the national reality of each of the 27 Member-States of EU, as well as a comparative analysis on this issue, pursuing a transnational perspective of the implementation. The Report was developed in the course of the activities of Project Victims in Europe, co-financed by the European Commission and promoted by APAV (Portuguese Association for Victim Support) on behalf of Victim Support Europe.You can download the publication here