Child as a Witness

Training on the topic of child friendly interviewing in Latvia

On 20th- 24th of September 2010 Dardedze  held a training for police officers from Latvia on the topic  "Child friendly interviewing". The training was held by an expert from the United Kingdom- Nigel King, who also met with the headquarters of State police to share the UK best practices in the child friendly interviewing and to promote changes in the attitudes and approaches of Latvian police.

New Council of Europe guidelines on child-friendly justice

The Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe has adopted new guidelines on child-friendly justice aimed at European governments to improve children’s access to and treatment in all spheres of justice. Yet the guidelines seek to be more than a mere declaration of principles, and can be used more practically by steering the implementation of existing international treaties.

New CURE report: Child victims in the Union- Rights and Empowerment

The report of the CURE project including the information on the situation of the child victims in the EU member states was recently launched. In the report may be found topics concerning the right to information, procedures of interviewing children in the EU member states, support for a child-victim etc.

When a child is a victim of a crime

The brochure “When a child is a victim of a crime” was published in polish language by the Nobody's Children Foundation in the frame of Childhood without Abuse Project. It is addressed to child witnesses' parents and caregivers. It explains parents' and caregiver’s rights as well as the rights of their children within court procedures, provides information about the interviewing procedures and how to support a child-victim or child-witness of a crime.