EC: public consultations on children’s rights

All citizens and organizations, especially those dealing with children's rights, are welcome to contribute to the consultation of European Commission's Communication on the Rights of the Child (2011-2014). The objective of the Communication is to further advance the EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child, first launched in 2006.

The aim of the Strategy is to make sure EU internal and external policies promote and protect children's rights. This consultation is to give an opportunity to stakeholders to present their views to the Commission about which concrete actions they think should be developed at EU level that would bring real added value. The contributions will give the Commission an insight into concrete experiences of those working with children, particularly as regards the difficulties they encounter when they promote and protect children's rights.

The consultation will cover issues like:
• Child-friendly justice and children's participation in the justice system (as witnesses, for example);
• Justice policies safeguarding children's rights, such as in the framework of family mediation;
• Protecting vulnerable groups of children (victims of violence, sexual exploitation or trafficking, or children living in poverty);
• Child participation in the development of policies affecting children.
The consultation is open until 20 August 2010.

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