Child as a Witness

The report on Child-Friendly Justice and Childrens Rights

This report aims to provide information about the obligation to follow child-friendly justice principles; international, regional, and national standards for doing so; studies, research surveys, and position papers on the subject; and other relevant resources

Publication for parents

Children Support Center has published a brochure for parents "When your child is participating in legal procedures" in lithuanian language

Local trainings for professionals in Moldova

In December 2010 two trainings organized by NCCAP took place in Moldova. The topic was the legal assistance of children-witnesses of crime. Altogether 42 prosecutors from all regions of Moldova has been trained.

Local trainings for professionals in Bulgaria

In June and October 2010 two trainings organized by SAPI took place in Bulgaria. Both were directed towards the psychologists, social workers and representatives of the social services, who were trained about the problems associated with the child participations in legal procedures and methods of work with parents who abuse their children. Altogether 59 professionals has been trained.