Child-friendly version of the UN Guidelines on Justice in matters involving child victims and witnesses of crime

The guide is a joint publication by UNICEF and United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime. Written in a language easily understood by children, it provides explanations of rules and legal notions present in the original document.



Child abuse figures high in Romania

Romanian news portal Nine O'Clock reports a high numbers of child abuse cases in Romania. In the first three months of the year 2008, almost 3,000 children were abused, neglected or exploited in Romania according to data registered by the National Authority for the Protection of the Rights of the Child. Most cases of abuse and neglect took place in the family, while the majority of the cases of labour or sexual exploitation happened outside the family environment.


116 111 assigned to Asociatia Telefonul Copilului

Romanian organisation Asociatia Telefonul Copilului will start operating the 116 111 number from 1st October 2008. In order to give the organisation necessary time to promote the new number, Romtelecom has agreed to keep the operation of the current number 0800 8200200 for 1 year, while redirecting the calls to 116 111.

Violence against children in Lithuania - statistical data

One of the institutions involved in prevention of violence against children in Lithuania is Children's Rights Ombudsman.

You can find statistical data on the prevalence of violence against children in Lithuania, gathered by the Children's Rights Ombudsman Institution, in the attached document.


MOVE Project

MOVE - Psychosocial Development of Children through Games and Sport is a project implemented by Terre des hommes in partnership with the UEFA.
General aim of the project is to improve the wellbeing of children and fight child exploitation and trafficking by reinforcing psychosocial and methodological competencies of the animators working with them. It is realized in Albania, Kosovo, Moldova and Romania and will last till June 2011.

International Conference: Ending Violence against Children in Juvenile Justice Systems

Defence for Children International invites for an international conference and training: Ending Violence against Children in Juvenile Justice Systems: From Words to Action. The event will take place from 1st to 3rd October 2008, in Brussels, Belgium.

Social campaign “Begging handicaps my future”

On 7 August 2008 a public information campaign against child trafficking and forced begging was launched in Kosovo. The campaign, sponsored by the OSCE Mission and implemented by Terre des Hommes, aims to raise public awareness of the problem of children being exploited as beggars.

Coalition for child-friendly interviewing in Bulgaria and Poland

One of partner organisations in Childhood without Abuse Project - Social Activities and Practices Institute from Bulgaria - decided to become more involved in tackling the problem of children taking part in legal procedures.To increase cooperation between the Bulgarian organisation and the Nobody's Children Foundation from Poland, a new initiative - "Coalition for child-friendly interviewing" Project - was taken up.

Goals of the new project are:

Child sexual abuse: issues and challenges

„Child sexual abuse: issues and challenges", edited by Megan J. Smith, presents a series of recent and significant research from around the globe. The topics include developmental consequences of childhood sexual abuse, distinguishing between true and false memories of sexual abuse, sexual aggression at schools.

A guide to using intermediaries

„What's my story? A guide to using intermediaries to help vulnerable witnesses" was published by British Office for Criminal Justice Reform.

An intermediary is a person who assists a vulnerable witness understand questions and then communicates the witness's responses.