Children trafficked for exploitation in begging and criminality - new report

Teams of police, prosecutors, child welfare professionals and NGO experts from Lithuania, Norway, Poland and Sweden have made site visits in the four countries looking at the challenges facing law enforcement and child protection when it comes to protecting children suspected of being trafficked for exploitation in begging and/or in criminality.

The four site visits and the final roundtable meeting gave numerous opportunities to analyse obstacles for access to protection for child victims and difficulties in prosecuting the perpetrators.

Local supervisions in Lithuania

30 teachers participated in two local supervisions which took place on 24th of May and 27th of September 2012 in Lithuania. The main objective was to discuss cases of children with emotional and behavioural difficulties as well as the methods of comunication and cooperation with parents in the field of upbringing children without violence. 

Local trainings in Lithuania in 2012

Two local trainings titled „Teaching parents how to raise children without spanking" for 40 professionals (psychologists, pedagogues, phisisians and social workers) were carried out in Lithuania on 14st and 15st of November and on 19th and 20th of December 2012.

Protect me- I am small campaign in Lithuania

The campaign „Protect me- I am small" was launched in Lithuania during press conference which took place on 14th of March in the major news agency in Lithuania. It was supported by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare. The aim of the campaign was to raise social awareness about negative consequences of corporal punishment and positive methods of upbringing of small children.