Child protection systems in Eastern Europe

One of the aims of the Childhood without Abuse Project was to strengthen child protection systems in the countries participating in the project - Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland and Ukraine. As a step toward diagnosing the systems and changes that has been introduced so far, flow charts of child protection system in each country have been created by the organizations participating in the project.

New See it, Hear it, Say it campaign websites

In Bulgaria and Lithuania See it, Say it, Hear it campaign impact has been increased with use of informative websites.

On the campaign websites you can find information about the aim of the campaign, general information about child abuse phenomena. However their main objective is to guide people witnessing violence and provide telephone number and email address where cases of abuse can be reported.

Click on the image to enter the website.

Keeping the door open: Assistance to children leaving care in the Baltic Sea Region

The report by Working Group for Cooperation on Children at Risk of Council of the Baltic States describes situation of children leaving institutions in the Baltic Sea Region. It refers to unequal access to support and the lack of sensitivity regarding the rights of each young person leaving care to receive assistance according to her or his specific needs.

Child safety training in Vilnius

On 15th and 16th December 2008, training on the topic "How to assess and improve the safety of children in families" was carried out by Paramos vaikams centras (Children Support Center), Lithuanian partner organization in the Childhood without Abuse Project.