The Children Support Center

The mission of The Children Support Center is to ensure the psychological well-being of children, adults and whole families affected by the violence or sexual abuse. To achieve its mission the Children Support Center is working simultaneously on different fields, ranging from providing the psychological guidance and counseling to children and their parents and guardians, through developing interdisciplinary trainings and cooperation programs for specialist and volunteers, to raising public awareness facilitating the community involvement in child protection.


There are two special programs realized by the Center:

· Big Brother, Big Sister
The main principle of this program is to establish a professionally supported voluntary relationship between one adult and one child, aimed at development of child's responsibility, trust and caring for him/her-self and others. This project is intended to facilitate children's integration into the peer groups, families and the educational system and in this way to reduce number of delinquencies, crises and suicides among children and juveniles.

· Child Abuse Prevention Program
This project provides an effective and professional assistance for families at risk and children who have experienced abuse. This help includes a range of services, among them psychological counseling and therapy groups, trainings organized for parents, teachers and specialists of various professions working with children, publishing activity and cooperation with governmental and non-governmental partners in the areas of prevention, intervention and education.


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