Protect me! I am small! campaign in Moldova

The campaign "Protect me! I am small" was launched in Moldova, 4th of November. The event was dedicated to children and parents and was carried out at "Shopping MallDova" trade centre. The campaign was organized in collaboration with FELICIA Foundation. Hundreds of parents and children, as well as specialists in this field participated in the event.
The launching event was moderated by two children and it started by a flash mob presented by a group of children aged up to 6 years

Bad touch campaign in Moldova

On November 22nd 2011 the National Centre for Child Abuse Prevention launched in Moldova the "Bad touch" campaign aimed at preventing and combating the child sexual abuse. The event took place at the premises of Press Agency "Info-Prim" and was broadcasted by 5 national TV channels, 2 radio stations, 2 national newspapers and 13 news web sites.
The main media partner of this campaign is the National Public Broadcasting (IPNA) "Teleradio-Moldova" which launched the audio and video spots within the campaign.

Local training in Moldova

The local training took place in Moldova 15-16 December  2011. The participants were 55 school psychologists. The topic of the training was identification and response to child sexual abuse. In addition to the theoretical material, methods of diagnosing sexual abuse were presented and applied at the training. The participants have also developed a program to prevent sexual abuse in the educational institution they activate in.

Local supervision in Moldova

The local supervision took place in Moldova in November 2011. The participants were 22 psychologists. The expert was Viorica Adascalita,  from NCCAP. The subject was the psychological evaluation of child victims; several case studies from the practice of expert were brought up for discussion. In small groups, psychologists got involved in a practical exercise to develop a battery of tests, which can be used to diagnose cases of family problems (divorce, deprivation of parental rights, etc.) and cases of sexual abuse. The psychological, ethical and legal aspects in the context of psychodiagnosis of sexually abused children were also discussed.