Protect me! I am small! campaign in Moldova

The campaign "Protect me! I am small" was launched in Moldova, 4th of November. The event was dedicated to children and parents and was carried out at "Shopping MallDova" trade centre. The campaign was organized in collaboration with FELICIA Foundation. Hundreds of parents and children, as well as specialists in this field participated in the event.
The launching event was moderated by two children and it started by a flash mob presented by a group of children aged up to 6 years .
Georgeta Voinovan, one of the most famous national stars created within the campaign and sang with her daughter for the first time the campaign hymn - a song dedicated both parents and children with the message: "Be patient".
During the event campaign materials (posters, leaflets and brochures "No slaps and abuse") were distributed. There were presented video and audio materials through the internal TV/radio channel and were organized several contests for parents and children. The campaign was covered by 6 TV channels (ProTV, Moldova 1, TVC 21, Jurnal TV, TV7, and Prime TV), 2 radio channels (Radio Moldova, Radio Orhei), 9 online media portals and 1 magazine (Felicia).
The campaign "Protect me! I am small" was positively perceived by the public from the Republic of Moldova both by parents and by private institutions/authorities.

Due to the diversity of chosen channels for sharing/promoting materials within the campaign, a diverse public had access to information resources. As a result, there were requests for materials provided by several education establishments/NGOs/public authorities.
In the framework of the campaign many workshops and seminars both for professionals and parents were conducted.


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