Bad touch campaign in Moldova

On November 22nd 2011 the National Centre for Child Abuse Prevention launched in Moldova the "Bad touch" campaign aimed at preventing and combating the child sexual abuse. The event took place at the premises of Press Agency "Info-Prim" and was broadcasted by 5 national TV channels, 2 radio stations, 2 national newspapers and 13 news web sites.
The main media partner of this campaign is the National Public Broadcasting (IPNA) "Teleradio-Moldova" which launched the audio and video spots within the campaign.
The slogan of the campaign - "Children hurt by the bad touch want to be invisible. They are afraid and ashamed." - represents the organizers idea of reaching the children who are not able to cope or ask for help. It is developed as an opportunity for advocacy. Therefore, the campaign organizers from Moldova calls for the involvement of decision makers in implementing the following measures:

1)The initiation through public health services, education and social services of primary prevention programs of all forms of violence, including sexual abuse;

2)The courses in the field of child protection are for mandatory inclusion in the training curricula of professionals working with children (teachers, social workers, psychologists, doctors, policemen, etc.);

3)Ensuring protection and multidisciplinary assistance through state-guaranteed rehabilitation service of child victims of sexual abuse;

4)More punitive sanctions for sexual abusers of children;

5)Creating a monitoring system of persons who have served the punishment for such crimes, with a life - limiting access to employment in institutions for children.

The campaign will finish in June 2012.

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