Local supervision in Moldova

The topic of the local supervision, held on the 29th of December 2006, was "Increasing the Efficiency of Assistance in Cases of Child Abuse and Neglect". The results and recommendations of the international expert in the field, Mrs. Rodica Coretchi-Mocanu were presented, on basis of the assessment carried out in November- December 2006 within the Centre for Psycho-Social Assistance of the Child and Family AMICUL.

Supervision by an international expert in Moldova

The objective of the workshop "Building the Protection System in Preventing and Combating Child Abuse", held on the 25th of October 2006, was to supervise the NAP in the field of preventing and combating violence against children, with the participation of the international expert Dr. Kevin Browne (University of Birmingham, UK). The participants, among them members of the inter-ministry group and specialists from state institutions and NGOs, spoke on three subjects:

Trainings conducted in Moldova in 2006

There were three trainings conducted in Moldova in 2006:

15 practitioner psychologists who work in governmental or non-governmental community centres took part in the training "Diagnosis and Psychological Rehabilitation of the Abused Child" (10 persons - from Chisinau and 5 persons from the regions: Balti, Orhei, Causeni, Stefan-Voda and Singerei towns).

Legal Interview: AMICUL Solution to Avoid Child Revictimization

The article, written by Natalia Dinu, presents the measures introduced by "Amicul" Center in Chisinau to help child witnesses to give their best evidence in court. The new solution bases on the assumption that a child victim can be repeatedly traumatized in the process of evidence collection by the representatives of law enforcement agencies ad therefore should be interviewed by specialized psychologists in a safe environment.

The full version of the article is available below.