Czech Republic

Linka bezpeci gets 116 111 number

Recently the Czech National Regulatory Authority assigned common European child helpline number 116 111 to Linka bezpeci in the Czech Republic.

With their main donor Telefonica O2 the child helpline is preparing a billboard campaign to publicise the number to all children in the Czech Republic.

Source: CHI newsletter May-June 2008


International Missing Children’s Day

On 25th of May, the International Missing Children's Day was celebrated across Europe. It provided an opportunity to commemorate missing children, express support to parents and victims and raise awareness about the issue. Inspired by the action carried out in Canada, the forget-me-not has been adopted as a symbol for Missing Children's Day in Europe.

The law should protect child victims!

According to the independent observers under the Czech law victims are far less protected from hurtful publicity than criminals. In support of these words they show a case of eight-year-old Ondra, who – abused by his mother – was refused the right to privacy, being repeatedly shown in undignified circumstances in TV.

Czechs make possession of child pornography criminal offense

Czech President Vaclav Klaus on signed a law making possession of child pornography a criminal offense punishable by up to two years in prison, officials said.

The bill also raises the maximum jail sentence for producing and distributing child pornography from three to eight years.

Czech Republic