Other organizations

Neglected Children Society

The Neglected Children Society (NCS) was founded in 1997 and is an affiliate member of the ECPAT network. NCS members work on a voluntary basis and include experts on prevention of juvenile delinquency, the judicial system and the police, as well as specialists in research, psychology, sociology, social work and publishing.

Centre for Inclusive Education

The Centre for Inclusive Education (CIE) is a Bulgarian non-governmental organisation, which main aim is to promote inclusive education and make it happen for every child. CIE continues the 10-year work of Save the Children UK in Bulgaria on inclusive education for children with special educational needs in the mainstream school system and child protection.

For Our Children Foundation

For Our Children Foundation is a non-governmental organisation working in partnership with children, families, communities, as well as local and national authorities to protect the rights of the child in Bulgaria. The organisation develops best practices and lobbies for social policy changes in order to improve the situation of the most marginalized children.

Partners Bulgaria Foundation

Partners Bulgaria Foundation is an independently governed local non-governmental organization aimed at advancement of democratic development in Bulgaria through enhancing civil society participation and promoting a culture of peace, dialogue and conflict management at local, national and regional levels. Its mission is to reinforce democratic change in adherence to human rights principles by encouraging relevant actors to adopt and implement effective polices and practices in areas like judicial law, social care, child protection, education, economic development and ecology.