ISPCAN: Call for abstracts

International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect
has announced 15th  Regional Conference to take place on 1st - 4th October 2017 in Hague, Netherlands


To submit the abstract click here

The call for abstracts closes on 31st January.

David Beckham and UNICEF #ENDViolence campaign

A powerful new film featuring UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador David Beckham was released today to illustrate the brutal reality that physical and psychological abuse can mark children forever.

Bottles wrapped in monsters and nightmares

Dreadful creatures and people in black clothes represent children’s fears, anxiety and loss.


One photo - thousand words: anti-sexting campaign in Ukraine

The campaign for adolescents is based on the materials of Empowering Children Foundation's campaign "Sexting? Think what you post".

I only forwarded: Centrs Dardedze anti-sexting campaign

The campaign was announced in September 2016 in Latvia by Centrs Dardedze. Prior to it, the organization did an elaborate work to find out what would be the most urgent aspect of the sexting topic that they would need to address to a wider society, that is not being addressed

Homo tabletis – Do not be a tablet parent

What was your baby's first word? Mummy? Daddy? Or maybe even tablet? If the word ‘tablet' appears early in your child's vocabulary, then it's very probable that your baby is a ‘Homo tabletis'.

The Nobodys Children Foundation changed its name

We have empowered children for 25 years! After a quarter century the Nobody’s Children Foundation has changed its name into Empowering Children Foundation.

Childhood sexual abuse and its effects in adult life

Moldovan NCCAP and Polish Empowering Children Foundation (formerly Nobody's Children Foundation) conducted in their countries a study which goal was to examine long-term effects of sexual abuse of children, especially those related to risky sexual behaviours (multiple partners, promiscuous behaviours), susceptibility to re-victimization, and prostitution.

Comparative report on social attitudes towards comercial sexual exploitation of children

The report presents the results of an international research project carried out by the Nobody's Children Foundation in 6 countries of Central and Eastern Europe within the programme „Prevention of child sexual abuse and exploitation in Central and Eastern Europe-a comprehensive approach".


The purpose of the social campaign “Secret” is to broaden social awareness of child sexual abuse and to engage people in combating the crime by allocating 1% of their taxes to the Nobody’s Children Foundation.