Child Trafficking

Assistance To Children – Victims Of Sexual Abuse Or Trafficking, And Their Close Relatives: Evaluation Of Current Situation

In 2006 from January to February public institution "Vaiko namas" (Child House) conducted a survey of organizations working with children, which during their everyday work may face sexually abused or trafficked children. By conducting this survey it was aimed to evaluate:
• assistance available to children - victims of sexual abuse or trafficking
• difficulties which various organizations face with when dealing with sexual abuse cases

Children behind the doors

In a presented article "Children behind the door" the situation in Romania, with regard to the problem of trafficking in women and children, has been briefly described. The paper consists of some statistics, and further, it discusses main objectives of National Plans of Action, designed by UNICEF in cooperation with its partners, which are focusing on policy development, reintegration of victims and prevention activities.

The problem of child trafficking in Poland and in the world

As an element of the campaign "Children are not for sale", conducted by the Nobody's Children Foundation since 2005, a publication was developed, targeted at professionals and people involved in child trafficking prevention, titled Problem handlu dziećmi - w Polsce i na świecie (The problem of child trafficking in Poland and in the world).

Trafficking in Persons Report 2006

The annual Trafficking in Persons Report on over 150 countries is a comprehensive worldwide report on the efforts of governments to combat severe forms of trafficking in persons. Its findings are aimed to raise global awareness and spur countries to take effective actions to counter trafficking in persons.