Site visits

Coordinators meeting and site visit in Kiev

Between 19th and 20th March 2009 coordinators of the „Childhood without Abuse" project met to discuss future of the project and achievements up to date. Participants described current situations of child abuse systems in their countries and their ongoing activities directed at its improvement.

Site visit in the Instituto de Apoio à Criança

One of the event planned for the national coordinators of the „Childhood without Abuse” project attending the XI ISPCAN conference in Lisbon was the site visit in the Instituto de Apoio a Crianca. At the beginning the participants of the site visits listened to the presentation describing all the programmes run by the organization and then two members of the team working with street children told them about their work.

Site visit in the Center Against Abuse Dardedze

Just after the conference in Riga, which took place between 8th and 10th November, the participants of the “Childhood without Abuse” project went to the Center Against Abuse “Dardedze”. During this site visit they got acquainted with all the programmes and activities of the organization and met the children living in the shelter run by “Dardedze”.

Site Visits in York

Police Interview Room
Police Interview Room
As an activity complementary to the ISPCAN Conference in York in 2006 the representatives of the organizations participating in the Childhood without Abuse Project attended two site visits.