Child as a Witness

Children Support Centre opened child-friendly interview room

Child interview room, opened on 22nd April in Vilnius, accomplishes the comprehensive system of support (psychological, social and legal) for children - victims of violence and abuse, offered by Children Support Centre.

First child-friendly interview room opened in Bulgaria

On 25th June 2008, first child-friendly interview room in Bulgaria officially opened its doors. The room, located in the Complex for Social Services in Pazardzhik, will allow child victims of violence and witnesses of crimes to testify in a friendly atmosphere, without necessity to be confronted with the defendant, his attorney, the prosecutor and the administrator writing down the testimony.

Expertise: Moldovan legislation on hearing children victims in criminal procedure

The expertise attached below presents Moldovan legislation concerning hearing children victims in criminal procedure. It describes all the formal conditions which should be fulfilled as well as special methods of interviewing which should be used during such procedures. There are also roles and responsibilities of the persons and official bodies involved in the process presented.

Ukrainian expertise concerning interrogation of juveniles

The expertise attached in the document below provides a general analysis of conducting juveniles’ interrogation due to the Ukrainian legislation. The paper describes also problems existing in this area and gives some recommendations concerning necessary changes aimed at converging Ukrainian law to the European standards.