The campaign Your Honour I have the right not to be scared in Lithuania

The campaign "Your Honour, I have the right not to be scared" was launched during the National conference "Enhancing protection of children from the residential care institutions from sexual abuse in Lithuania. Interdisciplinary approach"" organized by the Children Support Center. It took place in Vilnius on 5th of November 2010. The aim of the campaign, it's goals and milestones were presented for 150 multi-disciplinary specialists participating in conference.

The partners of the campaign were: the Ministry of Justice; Prosecution Service, Ministry of Social Security and Labour, State Child Rights Protection and Adoption Service under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour , Children's Rights Ombudsman Institution of the Republic of Lithuania as well as The Institute of Law.
Steering committee was initiated to strengthen campaign influence. Members from courts, prosecution office, children's rights protection office, research institutions are participating in the steering committee. Specialists exchanged their knowledge and experience discussing content of campaign material, strategies of distribution of material, necessary future activities.
Campaign materials were distributed in all courts, police offices, prosecution offices, children rights protection offices in Lithuania. They are also available in electronic version.
Posters, leaflets and campaign materials were distributed among the professionals.


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