One photo - thousand words: anti-sexting campaign in Ukraine

The campaign for adolescents is based on the materials of Empowering Children Foundation's campaign "Sexting? Think what you post".

1 in 5 campaign in Poland

One in five children in Europe falls victim to sexual abuse. However, the data gathered in Poland shows that only 50% of parents talk with their children about sexual exploitation. Educational campaign "Chatting Pants" launched in March 2015 equips parents with simple methods of teaching children how to identify and respond to potentially dangerous situations. It is run by the Nobody's Children Foundation as part of the Polish edition of Council of Europe's "One in Five" campaign.

Words Hurt campaign in Latvia

tulbenis - Words Hurt for a Lifetime" campaign's launch event took place on the 30th of September 2013 at the shopping mall "Riga Plaza", where a press conference was held with participation of the Minister of Welfare Ms.Ilze Vinkele, head of the children's rights inspectorate Ms. Laila Rieksta-Riekstina and a representative of Dardedze's partner crisis centre in Talsi. For this event a "wall of bad words" was created, and during the launching event the people passing by were invited to write a positive word and cover the bad word on a wall with the positive word they could call a child instead of a "moron".

Social campaign against emotional abuse in Ukraine

One of the most common type of child abuse experts consider the psychological (emotional) abuse. And professionals single out verbal abuse separately as a permanent source of trauma for children. How often parents lower child's self-esteem simply by words "stupid", "goof", "botcher". After some time such words undermine sole of a child, he or she starts to think about herself or himself "I'm bad", "I'm not smart", "Nobody can't like me"...