Estonian Union for Child Welfare

Non-governmental umbrella organisation concerned with child rights, children's interests and child welfare in Estonia. The membership of the EUCW comprises 36 local societies for child welfare. The EUCW has experience in creating a safe environment and possibilities for full development for children, with the participation and assistance of all members of society.

Tallina Laste Tugikeskus - Tallin Children Support Centre

Tallin Children Support Centre (Tallina Laste Tugikeskus) is non-governemental non-profit organization and our mission is prevent child abuse and neglect in Estonia, provide professional services for abused and street children and also for their family members. Our Centre established in 1998 by Open Estonia Foundation (Soros Foundation).


Tartu Child Support Center

Tartu Child Support Center as established as NGO in 1995. It is the first of its kind in Estonia, where a multidisciplinary team is involved in work with abused or/and neglected children and their family members. Child Support Center aims to prevent child abuse and domestic violence in Estonia, by raising awareness of community, providing professionals with training, and by counseling and treating abused children and their family members.