Children in Institutions

Safe Children Project in Bulgaria

The project has been carried out by Centre for Inclusive Education since 2007 and will last till the end of 2009.


The aim of the project is to better protect vulnerable children through recognising and implementing the international "Keeping Children Safe" standards for child protection by non-governmental and governmental structures in Bulgaria who work directly with children.

Thomas Hammarberg: Children should not be treated as criminals

In his article published by eGov monitor Thomas Hammarberg, European Commissioner for Human Rights addresses the disturbing European trend to lock up more children for offences at an earlier age. He argues that young offenders are children first and foremost and should be protected by human rights standards for children.

Keeping the door open: Assistance to children leaving care in the Baltic Sea Region

The report by Working Group for Cooperation on Children at Risk of Council of the Baltic States describes situation of children leaving institutions in the Baltic Sea Region. It refers to unequal access to support and the lack of sensitivity regarding the rights of each young person leaving care to receive assistance according to her or his specific needs.

School Free from Violence Project

"School Free from Violence" is a project implemented in Bulgaria by UNICEF, the State Agency for Child Protection, Sofia Municipality, Ministry of Education and Science, and other institutions. The project aims toward creating a safe and supporting school environment through direct interaction with children, teachers and parents in the school.