Children in Institutions

International Conference: Ending Violence against Children in Juvenile Justice Systems

Defence for Children International invites for an international conference and training: Ending Violence against Children in Juvenile Justice Systems: From Words to Action. The event will take place from 1st to 3rd October 2008, in Brussels, Belgium.

Macedonian celebrations of the Global Action Week

The Global Action Week is a worldwide campaign to raise awareness of the importance of free, compulsory public basic education for all people. It was initiated by the Global Campaign for Education, which brings together civil society organizations, NGOs, teacher unions and child rights activists.

Friends Across Borders

Friends Across Borders is a regional anti-bullying project in the Baltic Sea region.

Safe schools. Every girl’s right. – Amnesty International report

Schools are not just places to learn and realize potential - some are also places of fear and violence. Safe schools. Every girl's right. report has been issued in the frame of Safe Schools Campaign, run worldwide by Amnesty International.