School Free from Violence Project

"School Free from Violence" is a project implemented in Bulgaria by UNICEF, the State Agency for Child Protection, Sofia Municipality, Ministry of Education and Science, and other institutions. The project aims toward creating a safe and supporting school environment through direct interaction with children, teachers and parents in the school.

The project was launched in 6 pilot schools in Sofia, in the school year 2007 - 2008, and will be continued next year. Besides Sofia, four more municipalities - Pernik, Vidin, Shoumen and Targovishte, have been invited to join the project.
The project targets children from 1st to 7th grade. It's main objectives include:

  • Raising sensitivity, involvement and efficiency in counteracting violence among the children, parents, school staff and management.
  • Creating protection system and scheme for reporting incidents of violence.
  • Developing positive relation between the students and improving their interpersonal skills.

The project is using whole school community orientated approach. The success of the project is largely dependant of the involvement and activity of all of the stakeholders, as the idea behind the project is that the whole school is responsible for tackling the violence. Addressing the project activities only to the selected staff members or children will not bring about the expected change in attitude and behaviour.

Implementation of the project is guided by the following rules: making child best interest first priority, participation of the whole school community at every stage of project planning and realization, no discrimination and rejection of all form of violence.

More about the project on UNICEF website.
In the attachment you can find description of the project in Bulgarian.

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