Words hurt

Words Hurt campaign in Ukraine

„Words Hurt for a Lifetime" campaign was launched with the 2-days training "Preventing Child Emotional Abuse" which was conducted by a psychologist of Nobody's Children Foundation (Poland), on the 22-23th March, 2013 in Kiev. The focus of the training was on the educational work with parents. 26 participants of the training represented 24 organizations from 14 different regions of Ukraine engaged in the campaign at regional and local level.

Words Hurt campaign in Lithuania

"Words Hurt for a Lifetime" campaign was launched on the 12th of December, 2013. A press conference and an opening event were organized at Europa Square in Vilnius. During the event children were blowing up the balloons with bad words written on them, releasing them and receiving balloons with nice words in return.

Words Hurt campaign in Moldova

„Words Hurt for a Lifetime"campaign was launched on October 5, 2013 at an event dedicated to teenagers and their parents in the "Stefan cel Mare" National Park. The event was organized in cooperation with a team of young bloggers from the Youth Media Center, who promoted the campaign messages by developing and distributing materials on the effects of the emotional abuse of teenagers and covering the issue in their personal blogs.

Words Hurt campaign in Latvia

tulbenis - Words Hurt for a Lifetime" campaign's launch event took place on the 30th of September 2013 at the shopping mall "Riga Plaza", where a press conference was held with participation of the Minister of Welfare Ms.Ilze Vinkele, head of the children's rights inspectorate Ms. Laila Rieksta-Riekstina and a representative of Dardedze's partner crisis centre in Talsi. For this event a "wall of bad words" was created, and during the launching event the people passing by were invited to write a positive word and cover the bad word on a wall with the positive word they could call a child instead of a "moron".