Early childhood protection

Good parent - good start campaign in Ukraine

The campaign "Good Parent - Good Start" was launched in Ukraine on World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse (19th of November). It was addressed to general public with main focuss on parents of young children. Its main objective was to raise social awareness about young children's vulnerability and to promote positive parenting methods.

Protect me- I am small campaign in Lithuania

The campaign „Protect me- I am small" was launched in Lithuania during press conference which took place on 14th of March in the major news agency in Lithuania. It was supported by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare. The aim of the campaign was to raise social awareness about negative consequences of corporal punishment and positive methods of upbringing of small children.

Protect me! I am small! campaign in Moldova

The campaign "Protect me! I am small" was launched in Moldova, 4th of November. The event was dedicated to children and parents and was carried out at "Shopping MallDova" trade centre. The campaign was organized in collaboration with FELICIA Foundation. Hundreds of parents and children, as well as specialists in this field participated in the event.
The launching event was moderated by two children and it started by a flash mob presented by a group of children aged up to 6 years

Protect me- I am small campaign in Latvia

The campaign „Protect me - I am small" was carried out between 12th April and 31th May. On 12th of April the press conference to open the social campaign, as well as to present the findings of the report "Evaluation of Young Children Rights Protection System" was held. Minister of Health and Minister of Welfare agreed to take part in the press conference and give their comment about the findings of the research regarding the existing problems in young children rights protection system, as well as the campaign. The press conference was attended by leading TV stations, as well as news agencies, some newspapers and radio channel.