Child Trafficking

Child beggars in Ukraine

According to news portal UAUA.INFO, exploiting small children for begging in the streets is thriving in the biggest cities of Ukraine. It appears that it is all based on begging business chain, where the youngest are the most valuable. The younger the child is, the more profit it can generate. Police data show that in 2004 there were 1500 criminal investigations related to involving children in begging.

Polish alternative report to CRC

Recently alternative report to the Polish government's report on the implementation of the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Right of the Child on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography has been issued.
The report has been prepared by experts from the Nobody's Children Foundation and the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, in cooperation with other organizations. In contains comments and supplementary information on child trafficking, prostitution, and pornography, clarifying and complementing the government's report.

International Labour Organisation on commercial sexual exploitation of children

The ILO's International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC) was created in 1992 with the overall goal of the progressive elimination of child labour, which was to be achieved through strengthening the capacity of countries to deal with the problem and promoting a worldwide movement to combat child labour.

Young People’s Voices on Child Trafficking: Experiences from South Eastern Europe

This UNICEF Innocenti Working Paper by Mike Dottridge is based on interviews with 31 children from Albania, Kosovo, Moldova and Romania who experienced trafficking while under 18 years of age. The children decribe their lives before recruitment, their experiences during exploitation, as well as how the managed to escape the traffickers.