When a child is a witness in court

The brochure When a child is a witness in court, published in the frame of Childhood without Abuse Project, is addressed to child witnesses' parents and caregivers. It explains parents' rights as well as the rights of their children within court procedures.

New report on Childhood without Abuse Project

The report describes three years of implementation of Childhood without Abuse Project. The project, launched in 2005, aimed at developing a comprehensive system of support and protection for abused and neglected children. The project has been implemented in seven countries of Central and Eastern Europe: Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, and Ukraine.

I am going to court

I am going to court - cover, Latvia
I am going to court - cover, Latvia
The activity book for children to help them in getting ready for witnessing in court. It is dedicated for younger children (5-12 years old) and should be filled in by a child under the supervision of a professional or a parent or a caregiver. By short and easy description it helps to understand the institution of court justice and the role and obligations of a little witness. The book was published in Poland in 2002.

Publications developed by Centre Dardedze

Dardedze publications
Dardedze publications
There have been various publications developed by Center "Dardedze":
• Brochure on emotional abuse of a child
• Multi-disciplinary team work in dealing with cases of child abuse
• „How to protect your child from abuse and violence"
• „My body belongs to me"
• „Words that build, words that hurt"
• „Child abuse prevention program"
• „Discipline and punishment in raising your child"