International expert conducts the supervision in Skopje

In January 2008 Maria Keller-Hamela conducted a supervision in Skopje, Macedonia. As the meeting was devoted to interviewing children witnesses and victims of crime, the participants were discussing cases and exchanging experiences concerning this issue.




Macedonian training for judges

In February 2008 14 Macedonian judges took part in the local training. The training was conducted by two psychiatrists who are experts in interviewing child witnesses and victims of crime.




Newsletter BRISTLY No. 30

There appeared a new issue of ‘Bristly”, a newsletter published by First Children’s Embassy in the World MEGJASHI.











Childrens Rights on the Internet – Safe and Protected

The First Children’s Embassy in the World is currently working on the project conducted in partnership with Foundation Metamorphosis.
The main objective of this project is the protection of children’s rights on the Internet. The project aims at achieving that goal through raising the awareness among children in Macedonia, their parents and teachers, as well as the NGO sector and media, through various activities.