Czech Republic: Don’t turn a blind eye to child abuse!

Our Child Foundation from Czech Republic is running "Red Card for Child Abuse" campaign as part of its efforts to protect children. The goal of this campaign is to raise awareness among the general public regarding the various forms of psychological and physical abuse children face in the Czech Republic, including the commercial exploitation of children, child pornography, prostitution, and child trafficking. The overall aim of the campaign is to reduce the number of children suffering from these forms of abuse in the country. Additionally the goal is to inform the public about the statutory obligation to notify authorities about the cases of child abuse.


The symbols of the campaign, the red card and the whistle, has been inspired by the red card used to punish and prevent foul play in football. The campaign patrons were Czech international footballer Tomáš Rosický and his partner Radka Kocurová, TV presenter. Other celebrities also got involved and expressed their support of the campaign and Foundation's activities. The campaign was accompanied by two public events organized in Prague, press conference, distribution of educational leaflets, posters and other materials.


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