Helpline for children- Bulgaria

The Bulgarian National Helpline for Children offers information, counseling and help to children for a huge spectrum of problems. It uses harmonized European number 116 111 functions through a call-center at the State Agency for Child Protection (SACP).

Report on the problem of child abuse

The report developed in 2010 by the Nobody's Children Foundation in the frame of the "Childhood without abuse" project compares the attitudes towards child abuse in 6 countries: Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland and Ukraine.

Victimization of children. Dimension and prevention- conference in Bulgaria

The conference organized by SAPI „Victimization of children. Dimension and  prevention” took place in Sofia, on 9-10 November 2010. The main aim of the conference was sharing experiences and good practices with other practitioners and policy- and decision-makers active in prevention of sexual violence against children. The participation of children victims of violence in legal procedures was also a very important topic.

International Supervision in Bulgaria

International supervision was hold on 26 October 2010 in hotel Diva, Bulgaria. The supervisor was Orthodoxy Solomon- clinical psychologist and family therapist from Nancy, France. She is working in the framework of Transcultural therapy using Greek myths in work with dysfunctional and abusive families. During the supervision she went through the cases of incest and abusive families, which were presented by the participants.