Victimization of children. Dimension and prevention- conference in Bulgaria

The conference organized by SAPI „Victimization of children. Dimension and  prevention” took place in Sofia, on 9-10 November 2010. The main aim of the conference was sharing experiences and good practices with other practitioners and policy- and decision-makers active in prevention of sexual violence against children. The participation of children victims of violence in legal procedures was also a very important topic.

The conference gathered judges and other legal and child protection specialists from Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland and Ukraine. Childhood without Abuse Project coordinators also participated in the conference. The conference was opened by the Minister of Internal Affairs in Bulgaria. During the conference SAPI presented the outcomes of the international research on sexual abuse against children at the institutions and the recommendations for changes in the policies regarding prevention of violence against children at the national and European level. Other interesting lectures and presentations included i.a: assessment of the risk of violence against children (prof. Kevin Browne), good practices concerning prevention of violence in Bulgaria, Latvia and Poland, the standards for child-friendly justice of the Council of Europe (prof. Philip D. Jaffé/Kurt Bösch). The event was organized thanks to the financial support received from Europian commission – program Daphne II,  the OAK Foundation, The Open Society Institute East - East Programme


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