International Conference in Minsk: Implementation of Regional Models of Deinstitutionalization

INGO "Ponimanie" successfully held International Conference "Implementation of Regional Models of Deinstitutionalization" in October 20, 2006.
Conference has been planned as small forum of professionals working in this area but finally there were 57 participants instead of 40. Professionals from Ministry of Education, institutions of education and social protection, scientific schools, NGOs, international organizations - UNICEF, USAID, ECPAT participated in the conference.

The project: Local Community - Elements of Regional Models of Deinstitutionalization successfully completed

The project of INGO "Ponimanie" helped more than 500 children in residential institutions to find Host Families. 103 professionals were trained to train Host and Adaptation Families, 57 professionals have discussed the method of preparation of the reserve for Foster Families during the International Conference held in the frames of the project. The project supported Child Protection Offices in 2 regions of the country in establishing training programs for Host and Adaptation Families.