Christian Children’s Fund

CCF-Belarus is a branch of Christian Children's Fund, Inc. CCF has been working in Belarus since 1993 addressing core causes of Belarusian children and adolescents failing to prosper - poverty, child abuse and neglect, family crisis, disability and the Chernobyl issues, drug and alcohol abuse, and HIV/AIDS. CCF-Belarus creates opportunities for children to achieve their full potential and provides practical tools for positive changes to children, families and communities.

During the past decade, jointly with state social services, NGOs and international partners CCF-Belarus implemented over 30 projects on child protection, child and youth development, NGO capacity building, reproductive health and HIV/AIDS prevention, mitigating the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster, and volunteer activity development. Within those projects technical, information and financial assistance to Belarusian children, families, and specialists was provided. Within the region CCF-Belarus pioneered parenting education and parents' associations, peer education, and social interactive theater.

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