Child Abuse and Neglect

Child abuse statistics give cause for alarm

A growing number of Czech children are at risk from their own parents or guardians. According to a report released in 2006 by the Social Affairs Ministry an increasing number of Czech children suffer physical, sexual and psychological abuse in their own homes.

Study: Eighty-six percent of Czech children have experienced corporal punishment at home

"Spare the rod, spoil the child," is a philosophy still widely practised by most Czech parents. Studies carried out by the Centre of Preventative Medicine at Charles University suggest that ten years ago 90 percent of children had experienced some kind of corporal punishment at home, and that the number has hardly fallen since.

Childhood without Violence in OAK countries

In 2006 six countries participating in the programme carried out a campaign against violence toward children "Childhood without Violence". This was the biggest and most significant development in the programme in 2006.

Thousands of Children are Victims of Violence - part of a Childhood without Violence campaign

Thousands of Polish children are victims of violence
Thousands of Polish children are victims of violence
This campaign was aimed at raising the problem of the domestic violence towards children.