Childhood without Violence in OAK countries

In 2006 six countries participating in the programme carried out a campaign against violence toward children "Childhood without Violence". This was the biggest and most significant development in the programme in 2006.
The campaign used the materials presented in Poland within the "Childhood without Violence" media campaign in 2001, which was extremely successful in raising public sensitivity to the problem of physical and emotional abuse in the Polish society. The TV spot, two radio spots and posters were translated and adapted to eight languages (the six national languages and, additionally, Russian and Albanian). The media messages were complemented with leaflets, postcards, calendars, stickers, and other types of material conveying the campaign's communication. The campaign materials presented both information about the problem of child abuse, and messages promoting good parenting. In most of the six countries it was the first nationwide campaign concerning the problem.
The campaign achieved high visibility in all six countries. Media messages were presented on non-profit terms by several TV and radio stations - in the first few weeks of the campaign there were more than 1000 spot displays (on average) in each of the participating countries. Thousands of posters and several thousand leaflets and other small publications helped the campaign to reach a significant proportion of adults in the six countries. Precise data on the campaign visibility was collected after its conclusion in early 2007, through studies conducted on representative samples in each of the six countries, and the findings are published on . Broad coalitions supporting the campaign were successfully built, comprising NGOs and government agencies. Furthermore, the campaign won support and active engagement of politicians, who contributed substantially to the organization of the inauguration events. In Latvia the campaign was supported by the President, who took part in the inauguration ceremony. In Macedonia and Moldova inauguration ceremonies were held in these countries' parliamentary halls.
National campaigns were launched in September 2006 and carried out into the first months of 2007.
The "Childhood without Violence" campaign was developed on non-profit terms by McCann Ericsson Polska and was later prepared and translated on similar terms by McCann Ericsson's offices in the six countries participating in the project.

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