Training for judges in Ukraine

On the 8th and 9th of October 2007 there was a training for judges from local and general courts conducted in Kiev. The title of the training was „The role of judicial system in improving children’s protection system in Ukraine”. The aim of the training, organized by Child Well-Being Fund, was to make the representatives of the legal system more aware and sensitive to the necessity of changing child interviewing procedures.

The trainers were:

· Serhej Burov – the Head of the Rights protection organization “M’APT”, an expert in the sphere on the Human Rights, Graduate of Helsinki Fund on the Human Rights (Poland);

· Urij Onyshko – the Candidate of medical science, the Chief Department of the social - medical help to victims of domestic violence belongs to Ministry Ukraine of the Health.

At the training there were present as well:

· Andrij Hajdamashko – programmes coordinator of the prevention domestic violence and child abuse, UNICEF Ukraine.

· Tetyana Zhuravel – project manager of All-Ukrainian Public Center “Volunteer”, which has close cooperation with State Department of Execution of the Penalties (Law enforcement agency).


After the training judges were discussing the question of using child-friendly interviewing rooms and the scope of change they can provide by themselves in this area. Nevertheless, they concluded that implementation of majority from suggested improvements is possible only after the changes in legislation at the national level. The judges were discussing also the level of cooperation between social workers, psychologists and other social professionals.

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