Child Well-Being Fund Ukraine

Child Well-Being Fund (CWF) Ukraine is a non-governmental and non-denominational organization, working in Ukraine since 1997. CWF Ukraine is one of 32 organizations that form CCF Inc. international network, working for 7.6 million children all around the world, regardless of their race, gender or religion.

The Mission of CWF Ukraine is to provide positive changes for the creation of favorable conditions to develop the full potential of every child in Ukraine.

The Goal of CWF Ukraine is to develop and implement innovations in the field of social work, to mobilize communities and to build partnerships in order to improve the living conditions of children and families.

CWF Ukraine operates:

- Trainers’ Studios with 96 trainers, consultants and social work experts providing training and consultative services in social and educational work with children and youth;

- Resource Centers operating in 7 oblasts (regions) of Ukraine that provide information, methodological, consultative and technical support to social work specialists;

- Information / consultative Family Support Centers operating in 4 oblasts that provide social, psychological, educational and methodological support for families and professionals working with families;

-Information and Methodological Data Base containing over 100 publications, training modules, textbooks, manuals and research papers on innovations in social and educational work with children and families.

CWF Ukraine’s program activities followed four strategic directions:

- building up the capacity of communities to decrease poverty, to protect rights, and to address children, youth, and family related issues;

- creating opportunities for people to have better control over their own health and the health of their children

- enhancing parenting skills in Ukrainian families;

- implementing in reality the principles and regulations of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.


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