EU increases education and protection support for children affected by conflict in eastern Ukraine

Except for trainings and psychological support for children, UNICEF will also provide specialized trainings to over 350 teachers and school psychologists to help address the emotional needs of children affected by conflict. Funds will also provide essential school supplies: education kits for school-aged children, kits for kindergartens, school furniture, and educational games, that will help equip 30 schools reaching over 8,000 children.

"Providing educational opportunities for children and youth affected by the conflict, and addressing the trauma that many of them have experienced, is a priority of the EU's humanitarian aid to Ukraine," said Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine Hugues Mingarelli. "We must help these children and young people caught in situations of emergency regain a sense of normality and give them stability and hope for the future."

The European Union and UNICEF established a partnership to support children in Ukraine in 2013, working together in the areas of water, hygiene and sanitation, education in emergencies, and child protection.

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