Your Honour, I have the right not to be scared

On the 10th of October 2007 Nobody’s Children Foundation together with Polish Ministry of Justice officially launched the second edition of the campaign “Child – Witness with Special Needs”.




Besides continuing the activities started in the previous stage of the campaign, which has been conducted since 2004 under the slogan “Your Honour, I am scared”, in this year the emphasis is put on comprehensive preparing a child for the role of a witness in court. Therefore the main message of the campaign is now converted into “Your Honour, I have the right not to be scared”. The campaign is addressed to professionals – judges, procurers, police officers and psychologists – who should be aware that it is their role to help child-witnesses not to be scared while participating in legal procedures. It is also targeted at child victims’ parents and caregivers as well as at children participating in legal procedures.

The main goals of the campaign are:

  • Improving the knowledge and skills of professionals working with children participating in legal procedures and sensitizing them on the rights and needs of such children
  • Broadening the scope of legal and psychological help for child-witnesses and their families
  • Working out standards of already existing child-friendly interview rooms as well as lobbying on creating new ones.

There are following activities run within the framework of the campaign:

  • Publishing materials for professionals

How to interview a child?
How to interview a child?

Child-friendly interviewing
Child-friendly interviewing













  • Publishing brochures for children-witnesses and their families
    "I will be witness in court"
    "I will be witness in court"












  • Publishing posters and leaflets created by advertising agency VA Strategic Communications
  • Trainings for judges, procurers, police officers, guardians and psychologists as well as for organizations creating child-friendly interview rooms.
  • Running the webpage, a valuable source of information for professionals, parents and caregivers, as well as for children-witnesses themselves.

The campaign, conducted in cooperation with the Coalition for Child-Friendly Interviewing, will last till March 2008.

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