Your Childs Appeal

Your Child's Appeal
Your Child's Appeal
"Your Child's Appeal"

The prevention brochure contains the 18 questions directed by a child to his/her parent. It was published in the form of smaller and bigger posters aiming to help parents not to make common mistakes in the process of upbringing their children. In spring 2006 the poster was changed into an interactive animation and placed on the website: The pictures for the animation were drawn by famous Polish artist Edward Ludczyn and adopted on pro bono basis by e-learning team of the company House of Skills. The animation was launched on the 1st of June 2006 to support parents' understanding of children, their behaviours and questions. Selected appeal sentences can be found below.

Don't spoil me by giving me everything that I ask about. Sometimes I ask you only to check what you would agree on.
Don't be afraid to behave towards me decisively and definitely. That makes me feeling safe.
Don't make me feeling younger than I am. Otherwise I do stupid things to prove that I am older that you think.
Don't protect me from consequence of what I have done. I also need painful experiences.
Don't overestimate me. Sometimes to not to let you down I think I have to lie to you.
Don't forbid me to experiment, try dealing with new situations and making mistakes. Without it I cannot learn.
Don't forget that I am growing up very quickly. It could be difficult to follow me, but - please - try.

Download the poster in Polish

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