The Problem of Child Abuse in Eastern Europe

Cover of the quarterly
Cover of the quarterly
"The Problem of Child Abuse in Eastern Europe"
No. 15/2006 of the periodical "Abused Child. Theory, Research and Practice" published by Nobody's Children Foundation was dedicated to the problem of child abuse and neglect in Eastern Europe. It contains information about organizations working for prevention and treatment of child abuse, articles describing law regulations and cooperative reports. There are also described prevention programs (against trafficking in children, supporting children from risk families) and provided the newest research data.

Table of content (No. 15/2006):

• Selected East European NGOs dealing with the problem of child abuse, Maria Komorowska
• Young children in institutional care in Europe, Kevin Browne, Catharinge Hamilton-Giachritsis, Rebecca Johnson, Shihning Chou, Maria Keller-Hamela, Maria Kolankiewicz
• Preventing child trafficking in South Eastern Europe: Some lessons learned, Judits Reichenberg, Tamara Tutnjevic
• Institutional assessment on the responsiveness of service providers to violence against children in Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Judita Reichenberg, Tamara Tutnjevic
• Regulations across Europe concerning child pornography
• Eliminating corporal punishment: A human rights imperative for Europe's children. Legal status of corporal punishment in Council of Europe's member states
• Attitudes toward corporal punishment of children in East European countries, Monika Sajkowska
• Child abuse in the family in Hungary, Maria Herzog
• Programme: 'Childhood without abuse: Toward a better child protection system in Eastern Europe', Maria Kukolowicz
• Save the starfish or the Big Brother Big Sister programme, Aleksandra Jackowska

The quarterly magazine "Abused Child. Theory, Research and Practice" has an interdisciplinary character and aims to broaden knowledge about different aspects of child abuse. In the periodical the most relevant theoretical concepts, empirical data and information about innovative activities of diagnostic, therapeutic and preventing character are presented. The goal of the periodical is to establish form of sharing experiences concerning combating child abuse, sharing good practice and information about important events like conferences, congresses, training and publications in this field. The quarterly magazine is published in Polish the table if contents and abstracts of articles are available in English on



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