The Nobodys Children Foundation changed its name

We have empowered children for 25 years! After a quarter century the Nobody’s Children Foundation has changed its name into Empowering Children Foundation.

For 25 years the organization has worked for children, their parents and caregivers, and professionals working with children. The Foundation’s new name and visual identity is the effect of its growth, reflecting the fact that over the years the scope of its activities has substantially broadened. The core of the Foundation’s mission remains the same: helping children who experience abuse. The new name, Empowering Children Foundation, emphasizes the positive effects of our work and the fact that it is possible to change the reality in which our clients live.

A natural consequence of the Foundation’s new name is a change of its logo, a new visual identity system, and the creation of a new website,, which has replaced the Foundation’s previous website, 

Submitted by admin on Mon, 2016-10-17 09:53.