The Empowering Children Foundation alerts: 4 out of 10 of Polish children have contact with pornography

According to the latest research of the Empowering Children Foundation "Contact of children and teenagers with pornography" 43% of young people in Poland aged between 11 and 18 have contact with pornography (28% of them aged between 11 and 14). 18% of them at least once a week. Children, whose parents have not set any rules for using the Internet, find pornographic and sexual content twice more often. The intensity of contact with such content increases with the age of the respondents. The contact with pornography is varied due to sex - 50% of boys and 36% of girls have contact with such content.

In Poland parents do not control the way their children use Internet and what they are watching, do not introduce any rules of using Internet. They also do not talk to children about security in the virtual world. Most children do not talk to anybody, especially adults, about their negative experiences related to contact with pornographic materials. So it is highly important to educate parents in this area in order to protect children from accidental contact with pornographic materials.
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